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Bl.4100 /Bl. 4107

Ingevoed: 17 okt 2020 04:52
door Toliman
According ... 413/6.5514 the designation of the 380 kV-line Oberzier-Sechtem changes between tower 25 and 26 from Bl. 4107 to Bl. 4100. In my opinion, this is surprising as tower 25 and tower 26 are suspension towers. Which is the source of information that the line designation changes here or did an error happen?

Re: Bl.4100 /Bl. 4107

Ingevoed: 17 okt 2020 16:19
door ElexTro
Planned 380-kV-substation at Kierdorf I think. Same with powerline from Sechtem to Dauersberg, number changes near Siegburg substation without having a connection with it.

EDIT: I meant Bl. 4101/4100 at Kierdorf. The described change maybe occurs due to connection with Oberzier substation. It's kinda mess there mit those numbers, e.g. line 4514 (Rommerskirchen-Weisweiler) has 2 different tracks which are ending at Oberzier.

Re: Bl.4100 /Bl. 4107

Ingevoed: 17 okt 2020 16:53
door Toliman
For Bl.4101/Bl.4100 the tower type changes at the transition point. The towers of Bl.4101 are designed for four circuits of 380 kV (although only two are in use for this purpose, the towers carry now additionally two single-phase AC 110 kV-circuits of the German Railway Company), while that of Bl.4100 are designed for two circuits. Kierdorf was planned as splitting point.

However in case of Bl.4100/Bl.4107 things are different, as here the change took place between two suspension towers. However, which are the informations of the map makers of the pylons designations? Did they check the signs on the towers or is there also a web source?

Re: Bl.4100 /Bl. 4107

Ingevoed: 25 okt 2020 12:54
door Peter
In a few years Bl. 4107/4100 will be replaced by a new 4-circuit 380kV-line between Oberzier and Pkt. Platzheim. Documents about this project can be found on the website from Amprion: ... ads-2.html

With these documents as source and the latest satellite images from Google Earth I've updated the situation around substation Oberzier today so the errors with Bl. 4107 and 4100 on the map are solved.