No pylon of the month in June 2023

Discussieer mee over de wereld van het grootschalig elektriciteitsnet en alles wat daarmee te maken heeft
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No pylon of the month in June 2023

Bericht door Toliman » 09 jun 2023 20:52

Why is there no pylon of the month in June 2023, although I made therefore interesting suggestions?

Bram Gaastra
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Re: No pylon of the month in June 2023

Bericht door Bram Gaastra » 10 jun 2023 08:30

It's being worked on

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Re: No pylon of the month in June 2023

Bericht door Hans » 11 jun 2023 21:04

Thanks for the heads-up, the lack of a new edition was my fault. :engel:
Combination of being just returned from stormchasing in the midwest, extraordinary nice weather (so the computer remained off as often as I could afford), busy agricultural work and in the background silent, invisible but progressing work at the new mainsite hidden in a developersinterface.

Bram and I talked about it yesterday, I asked Bram to write an edition for this month.

In the future when the new site is operational, the system of editor rights will be re-thought and better worked out. It may well be in the future also some other people can add an edition with text to the queue.
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